Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Facts & figures about the fiscal year 2012

Kärcher can look back on a very successful business year in 2012. Once again, the family-run company has achieved above-average growth figures, created many new jobs and increased its global market share: At over 1.9 billion Euro, the global market leader in cleaning technology has achieved new record turnover figures and with sales of 10.8 million appliances, the highest number of sales in the company’s history. Innovative and sustainable products, developed to meet known customer requirements, are an important factor in Kärcher’s growth. A central aspect is the reduction of energy consumption while at the same time increasing the cleaning power of the appliances. Last year, Kärcher brought over 100 new products to market, including new high-pressure cleaner accessories for cleaning solar modules, the CB Flex Gantry wash station with its five-brush system, the particularly environmentally-friendly high-pressure cleaners from the eco!ogic range and the AD 3.200 Ash and Dry Vacuum cleaner. Also in 2012, the company has supported charitable, social and cultural institutions in many countries and has been actively engaged in protecting our environment. Kärcher is a partner of the SOS Children’s Village organisation and is a member of the UN Global Compact Network. Kärcher has also used its technology to make significant contributions towards the preservation of valuable historical monuments: The three-tiered fountain at Maulbronn Abbey that dates from the Middle Ages and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin were cleaned and years of grime were removed from the National Theatre in Prague, all using Kärcher technology.


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Patents currently owned

Kärcher has registered over 1,300 patents since the company was founded.

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Kärcher companies worldwide

Kärcher products are sold in 60 countries on all the continents across the world by Kärcher Sales Companies.

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