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FAQ – Pressure Washers

My pressure washer does not pick up detergent!

General information for all models:
  • The pressure washer can only pick up detergent in the low pressure mode. Please select low pressure mode on the spray lance (see also owner`s manual).
  • Clean the filter on the suction hose.
Models K 502 M, 502 MS, 520 M, 550 M, 550 MS:
  • Adjust detergent flow rate by turning the filter on the suction hose clockwise.
Models K 620 M, 630 M, 630 MS, 650 M, 650 MS, 670 M, 670 MS, 720 Mx, 720 MXS:
  • You will find an adjusting knob for detergent on your machine (please refer to owner`s manual). Open this adjusting knob.
  • You can also use this knob to set the intake quantity.

Can the bodywork of a car be cleaned with the pressure washer?

Of course it can. But there are various ways of doing it:
  • a.) As far as coarse, loose dirt is concerned, it is often sufficient to simply spray down the car with the high-pressure jet.
  • .) RM 555 universal cleaner is recommended if you want a more thorough wash. Use it as follows:
    Set the pressure washer`s nozzle to low pressure.
    Immerse the detergent pickup hose in the detergent solution.
    Spray the car with detergent, from the bottom upwards.
    Now spray down the car with the high-pressure jet.
  • c.) It is advisable to use a washing brush for the thorough wash.
    Immerse the detergent pickup hose in the detergent solution.
    Fit the washing brush on the trigger gun. You can now wash your car with the brush and detergent.
    Finish off by spraying down the car with the high-pressure jet.

Can the unit pick up water from a water butt?

Yes, use the suction hose with filter for this purpose. Part No. 4.440-238.0
  • Connect the suction hose to the machine`s water intake fitting. Immerse the other end of the hose in the water butt. Connect the high-pressure hose to the machine. Before switching on the machine, remove the spray lance from the trigger gun. Squeeze the trigger to open the gun and then switch on the machine. This allows any air that is in the machine to be expelled. The pressure washer then begins to pick up water from the water butt .

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